PRESS RELEASE - Vancouver, B.C.

PRESS RELEASE - Vancouver, B.C.

British Columbia Junior B lacrosse would like to welcome Tino Fera, as the Lead Media Correspondent for Junior B lacrosse in the province. He will be helping promote Jr. B lacrosse across B.C. and helping keep people informed on all leagues.

Helping give all graduating players knowledge on what Jr. B can offer them as they start their five-year junior careers, will be another high focus area of communications.

Tino brings a high level of energy and lacrosse experience to this position. Currently attending school at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts in their Broadcasting & Online Media program.

He can be followed on social media at:

@FeraTino on Twitter

@tinofera on Instagram

Recently posted this very well-done documentary on lacrosse:

The Hidden Gem: A Lacrosse Documentary

“I’m very excited to be joining the team to help promote Jr. B lacrosse in the province of British Columbia. As a former Jr. B player myself, I’ve seen the incredible players that can start in this league and develop into top-tier Jr. A talent. I can’t wait to give these leagues and players the promotion and coverage they deserve!” - Tino Fera