The new look Pacific Northwest Junior Lacrosse League has definitely changed its image, on and off the floor. The new 5-year program implemented by the Senior Directorate and its members has had its criticisms but has also created some positives over the past season and a half.

The PNWJLL is building its brand and has cleaned up its game under the direction of Commissioner Sam Hofer and his "no bull" attitude has paid the league dividends when it comes player conduct. Teams are molding and building their programs into places for players to develop their skill-sets as they use the PNWJLL to jump to the Junior B1 division.

Some teams have kids away at school and are awaiting their return, others are still receiving players being released by Junior B1 clubs as they too are getting NCAA commits back. What does this mean for the PNWJLL? It means the level of lacrosse is getting better across the Island and players get more development as they strive to get the call to play up at the next level as "affiliate players" or get moved up permanently.

With that being said, the PNWJLL is introducing its weekly Movers & Shakers; designed to give fans the latest on who is playing well at present in the league, and who may be on a temporary decline.

Movers & Shakers

Week Ending - May 26

1. Westshore Bears (8-0)
Last Week: 2-0 (8-7 over the Express, 14-2 over the Sharks)
This Week: @ Oceanside - Sat. June 1st at 8:00pm
2. Saanich Express (3-2)
Last Week: 1-1 (7-8 loss to the Bears, 16-10 over the Ravens)
This Week: vs. Nanaimo - Sat. June 1st at 8:00pm (Panorama Arena B)
3. Oceanside Sharks (1-4)
Last Week: 1-1 (13-9 over the Ravens, 14-2 loss to the Bears)
This Week: @ Nanaimo - Wed. May 29th at 8:00pm & vs. Westshore - Sat. June 1st at 8:00pm
4. Nanaimo Timbermen (1-4-1)
Last Week: 0-0-1 (12-12 tie with the Ravens)
This Week: vs. Oceanside - Wed. May 29th at 8:00pm & @ Saanich - Sat. June 1st at 8:00pm
5. Campbell River Ravens (1-4-1)
Last Week: 0-2-1 (12-12 tie with Timbermen, 13-9 loss to the Sharks, and 16-10 loss to the Express)
This Week: No Games