The IIJL World Junior Championships scheduled for August 8-14, 2022 in Winnipeg Manitoba is not a World Lacrosse (WL) or Lacrosse Canada (LC) Sanctioned event. As such any regional combine that is being run by this organization, CLL (Canadian Lacrosse League) is not a LC sanctioned event. The CLL (Canadian Lacrosse League) is NOT an entity of Lacrosse Canada.

All Member Associations (MA’s) under LC should not be sanctioning nor supporting the event in anyway. WL is the recognized World Body for Lacrosse and is the only lacrosse body that can sanction World Championships. LC and its MA’s, as members of WL and also of Sport Canada, support WL.

Any reference to “Team Canada” is not part of the LC National Team Program and therefore there is no Team Canada participating in this event.

As per LC Policy 5.1.5 – Team Canada refers to only sanctioned and officially recognized Canadian National Teams operated under the jurisdiction of LC.

Any players wishing to try out for this event/attending regional combines should be aware they will not be playing for Team Canada but a team put together of Canadian players not sanctioned by WL and LC. These players will not be recognized as legitimate Team Canada players nor be covered by any insurance under LC.

Any officials participating in these events would not be covered under LC Insurance.

Further to above the Member Associations of LC approved the following policy at the LC Annual Meeting on November 20th, 2021.

5.1.2 Domestically and internationally, no registered participant, Jr and under, may play or participate in any non-approved competition, namely any competitions non-approved by World Lacrosse or any of its National Governing Bodies (NGB) including Lacrosse Canada (LC), and Provincial or Territorial Sport Organization (P/TSO) without first obtaining the permission of their LC Member Association. Any participation in non-sanctioned events will result in loss of eligibility for all National Championships and Team Canada events.

It is the LC Member Associations (P/TSO) responsibility to implement a process to identify which competitions are non-approved for their participants. Each Member Association will notify Lacrosse Canada of participants who have lost eligibility for all National Championships and Team Canada events, on an ongoing basis.

If you have any questions regarding this communication please contact Jane Clapham, LC Executive Director.

About Lacrosse Canada

Founded in 1867, Lacrosse Canada is the governing body responsible for all aspects of lacrosse in Canada. Our organization is comprised of 10 Member Associations representing nearly 85,000 individual participants, including coaches, officials, and athletes of all ages and abilities. Lacrosse Canada’s mission is to honour the sport of lacrosse and its unique nation-building heritage, by engaging our members, leading our partners, and providing opportunities for all Canadians to participate. Lacrosse Canada oversees the delivery of numerous national championships and the participation of Team Canada at all international events sanctioned by World Lacrosse. Lacrosse Canada is proud to be affiliated with partners that share the same vision and values, including our corporate partners – NormaTec Recovery Systems, RockTape, OPRO, Canadian Red Cross, Westjet, and Baron Rings – as well as our funding partners the Government of Canada, the Coaching Association of Canada, and the Canadian Lacrosse Foundation.

For more information, please contact:

Jane Clapham
Executive Director
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