The Pacific Northwest Junior Lacrosse League is proud to announce the 2024 All-Star game will be held Saturday June 22nd, 2024 @ 6:00pm at Oceanside Place in Parksville, hosted by the PNWJLL.

The PNWJLL Executive and Board of Governors are happy to bring back this exhibition game for year number three, celebrating this annual achievement.

Talent on Vancouver Island has increased dramatically over recent years which has improved play in the PNWJLL. With an increase of talent but no additional Junior A or B1 programs; the skill and athleticism in the PNWJLL has improved creating some great lacrosse this season and an increase in attendance at many games.

The All-Star rosters will consist of players from all 6 PNWJLL teams. Players will be selected based on their position (offence, defence, transition, face-off and goaltending), skill-set, game play as well as statistics based on the positions they play within their teams. Players selected to play in the All-Star game will be divided so that players from each team will play against players from their own regular PNWJLL team, balancing each team.

Rosters will consist of six players (runners) from each team to make (36 players); these players will form two (18) man rosters. Goaltenders will be selected the same way, with one goalie from each team being selected (6) to make six goalies selected for the ASG (All-Star Game). Each goaltender will play one period for their selected squad (All-Star Black - Home & All-Star White - Away).

Rosters for each team are:

Team Black
Team White
Saanich(G) 96 - Eric Howarth
Westshore(G) 96 - Ty Reeve
Oceanside(G) 00 - Blake Swan
Campbell River(G) 00 - Erik Forbes
Saanich(G) 93 - Kaden Ward
Nanaimo(G) 93 - Jake McInnes
Campbell River
2 - Tyler Wingert

Campbell River
2 - Aidan Willis
3 - Addison Urquhart
Oceanside3 - Ben Tisdelle
Westshore4 - Connor Rant
Saanich4 - Tyler Delli-Carri
Oceanside5 - Willem Whitehead
Westshore5 - Mike Perrier
Saanich6 - Colton Hauser
6 - Logan Bob
7 - West Cateaux
Campbell River7 - Brandon Babcock
Westshore8 - Kalum Eastman
Saanich8 - Matt Oman
Nanaimo9 - Jordan Conroy
Cowichan9 - Kaelem Gray
Oceanside10 - Blake Knoll
Saanich10 - Braxton Brown
Oceanside11 - Luke Davidson
Nanaimo11 - Liam Sullivan
Cowichan12 - Easton Jubenville
Oceanside12 - Carter Goodman
Westshore13 - Daniel Ranns
Oceanside13 - Michael Edwards
Campbell River14 - Cole McIntosh
Saanich14 - Caeden Bourne
Westshore15 - Cayle McKee
Nanaimo15 - Dylan Clark
Saanich16 - Josh Wong
Nanaimo16 - Dexter Komen
Campbell River17 - Ty Skogan
Cowichan17 - Xander McCaffery
Campbell River18 - Selkirk Thompson
Cowichan19 - Jake Norman
Cowichan19 - Nathan Akhurst

Admission cost to the PNWJLL All-Star Game is:

Adults: $5.00

Seniors/Students: $3.00

Children 12 & Under: FREE     *When accompanied by an adult

Admission cost to the PNWJLL All-Star Game is:

Adults: $5.00
Seniors/Students: $3.00
Children 12 & Under: FREE     *When accompanied by an adult